Founding Partner & M.D.


Tech VC Investor & Deal Attorney

Juliane is the Founding Partner of Signature Ventures. Her extensive experience in Venture Capital led her quite naturally to start a truly founder-centric VC firm when she discovered and got hooked on the concept of decentralization.

Being passionate about innovation in the tech space from the start, Juliane became a Venture Capital investor and mentor to tech startups early on.
As an Attorney-at-Law, she had started her career at an international top-tier M&A law firm where she got familiar with all aspects of deal-making. Today, that comes in handy when she navigates through the highly dynamic legal landscape of Web3.

When not supporting founder teams or cutting her way through the legal jungle, Juliane blows off excess energy with sports or drives initiatives that foster diversity in the financial and entrepreneurial sector. She recharges her batteries by reading or “meditating” to the beats of electronic music - some might call it dancing.


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