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Tech Partner & M.D.

Dr. Georg (Juri)

Data Science (PhD) & Blockchain Expert

Juri is Tech Partner and Managing Director at Signature Ventures. He has a strong technical and scientific background in statistics and computer science which led him to discover Bitcoin and blockchain technology early on.

He is a proponent of the modular blockchain design as popularized by Celestia, Polynya and the many other great contributors in the space. In his opinion, the internet has established a worldwide communication and data-sharing network. Building on that, blockchain protocols will add the next social layer in the form of economic coordination and the respective structures to govern such an economy.

When not reading Crypto Twitter, Juri prefers Dostoevsky, Tolstoy and Schiller (and also the always relevant Fabian from Erich Kaestner). His desire to understand things deeply causes him to be late to all cultural trends. He has also terrible meme skills but holds a PhD in Computational Biology from the TU Munich.


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