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Head of Operations

Anja Stang

Anja is Founding Member and Head of Operations at Signature Ventures. She has several years of experience in Venture Capital and entrepreneurship.

Prior to Signature Ventures, Anja was an Investment Analyst in the VC units of 1&1 Drillisch AG and CECONOMY AG (MediaSaturn). Working with the founders of a portfolio of early-stage startups, she gained vast experience in the strategic management of emerging tech businesses. She ran international projects with later-stage startups and was furthermore involved in M&A transactions.

Being a mentor for tech startups in several accelerator programs, she has gathered skills of how to support and advise founders in building a scalable tech business.

Anja holds a Master's degree in General Management from the Leipzig University of Applied Sciences. In her free time, Anja enjoys traveling around Europe, being outdoors, and is passionate about topics such as leadership, mentoring, and diversity in the tech space.


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