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We Focus on Early Stages and Invest Geographically Opportunistic With a Focus on Europe.

Rooted at the Heart of Blockchain Technology

As a dedicated Blockchain fund with top-level industry experts, we are firmly rooted in the crypto community. We have access to an extensive ecosystem linking key Blockchain industry players, VCs, corporates and academics to connect and accelerate our portfolio companies with the best business opportunities. Our vast industry expertise and network makes us attractive for highly specialized startups and founders who are looking for smart money.


Insights into the Europe Blockchain Landscape

Our associated network partner chainEurope manages a comprehensive registry of european Blockchain startups, investors and consultants. The team compiles statistics on current and upcoming token offerings, Blockchain hubs and founders, and shares insights into cutting-edge Blockchain research topics in their monthly newsletter. chainEurope aims at connecting the community by providing information on key ecosystem players with a focus on Europe.


We Build a Risk-Diversified Outlier Portfolio in a Highly Dynamic Environment

In the current experimental Blockchain market cycle, diversification across the full spectrum of Blockchain ventures is key to create an optimal portfolio with a strong risk/return profile. Our strategy captures the diversity of opportunities within the evolving Blockchain space with respective investment strategy adjustments. Traditional equity deals constitute the majority of our portfolio, while getting further exposure through token and cryptocurrency investments. We focus on early stages and invest geographically opportunistic with a focus on Europe.